Open Forum Discussion

Led by Bill Kraftson

An experienced moderator, will lead stimulating and open discussions (an hour or less) on the kinds of questions we’ve all thought about, such as:

  • Where did we come from? (Our origin) Why are we here? (Our purpose) How should we live? (Our ethics) Where are we going? (Our destiny)
  • Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people if He is all loving and     
  • All-powerful?
  • Science and religion – conflict or coherence?  Does it really have to be Darwin vs. the Bible?
  • Is it possible to know if there is life after death, or is it just a psychological crutch to make people feel better?
  • If there is a heaven, does God have any immigration requirements? (How good is good enough?)
  • Are there many ways to God?  What about those who say their way to God is the only way

(You don’t need to bring anything to this discussion except your questions, opinions, and respect for others’ views)
For the benefit of all attendees we ask that you and your guest are aware of our expectation to attend and participate in Open Forums.